The CPM!



I listen to The Dan Patrick Show every morning.  Its sport talk radio show.  But this morning they brought up something that had me thinking.  It had nothing to do with sports.  They talked about movies they saw as kids that they probably should have not seen because of age.  It got me thinking.  How these movies seen at a young age make an impression on you.  How they shape you.  Good or bad.

My movie was Porky’s.  I definitely should not have been watching that movie.  But I couldn’t turn away, from the jock sniffing, all the boobs and the sex.   I just could not turn away.  I loved it!  My friend told me about Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  I watched that one a week later and I still have dreams about Phoebe Cates in a red bikini. 

What movie corrupted you?  What movie sent you to the dark side of fun?

Tag me if you write a post, I want to read them later.